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Crypto Investing 2021

Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Strategy



Why do I need a strategy?

  • Increase returns

  • Decrease risks

  • Reduce the stress of investing

  • Help you stay rational and consistent

  • Gives you a blueprint to follow in times of confusion

Invest based on data and logic not emotion and bias

Step-By-Step Guide From A-Z

Clear guidance from start to finish with a handwritten example through every step in the book.

Portfolio Opimization

Construct the perfect portfolio for YOU. Calculate the exact percentages to allocate to different coins.

View My Personal Strategy

In the book I give you a look at my personal strategy, the product of years of experience.

Create Optimized Price Targets

Arguably, the most important aspect of a strategy is your exit plan, which builds on your price targets.

Why should I buy this book?

This is not some cookie-cutter generic strategy. This is a personalized, adaptable, data-based strategy that actually makes a difference.

This will increase your returns significantly and optimize your risk/reward ratio with respect to your risk tolerance and goals.

Think about it:

Should you spend $14.99 on some more Bitcoin?

Or should you spend $14.99 to increase the returns on your existing portfolio?

If you increase the returns by as little as 20%, and your portfolio is larger than $1500, you’re making $300 – an ROI of 1901.3% (20x).

However, this book has the power to increase your returns by hundreds of percent.

Imagine what the ROI of the $14.99 you invest in this book might be…


I finally got your book! I liked the structure, especially the gradual development of a strategy, with a handwritten example that breaks with the rest of the text. It shows how one should think when planning – one step at a time.

I really liked this line:

“When you start doubting your strategy because of short-term moves and irrational factors that come and go, you have to remember that your strategy is suited for the long-term, rational, predictable price moves of cryptocurrencies”

- Kristian


Oskar Solberg

Author, Investor, Entrepreneur 

Oskar Solberg is a Norwegian student of Mathematics with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Through multiple years of experience with crypto investing he has developed an investment strategy that actually works.

In his book, you’ll be taken “behind the scenes” and get the secrets as to how you can do the same, from step one to step done.


Avoid The Three Biggest Mistakes Investors Make:

1) Investing Based On Emotions
2) Sell Too Late Or Buy Too Soon
3) Diversify Too Much Or Too Little

With a well-formulated strategy, you can avoid all three mistakes.

You can achieve a better ROI with risk-adjusted returns, optimized portfolio construction, and systematic profit taking at precise price targets.

Blow your “crypto-hating” friends away with your insane returns – grab the book right now:

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